Best Gaming Projector

Is none of the available TV sizes quite big enough for you? Alternatively, maybe you have a dedicated, light controlled room and just want the biggest picture for your buck. In either case, the answer is a home theater projector. If you like playing video games, then you know the importance of having a good … [Read more…]

The best gaming Television sets

A good console requires a proper television set, this is a known fact. There are several factors that one must consider when buying such a TV such as: Refresh rate: The higher the refresh rate of the television the less the motion blur and smoother picture quality. Input lag: This the time taken by a … [Read more…]

The Best Gaming Speakers

Any avid gamer knows the value of purchasing the best gaming speakers that will produce quality sound for their games. Unfortunately; not everybody can decipher all the technical jargon used to describe speakers. Fortunately for you (If you are an avid gamer) looking for quality speakers, we have three great gaming speakers. Our simple but … [Read more…]

3 Gaming Glasses that You Should Have

The fun and excitement that a person experiences from gaming is undeniable. Gaming platforms have increased as technology progresses; from consoles plug to TV screens, PCs, and now in numerous handheld devices. More platforms would mean a gamer has more choices, and even more time to play in front of a screen. This might be … [Read more…]