3 Gaming Glasses that You Should Have

The fun and excitement that a person experiences from gaming is undeniable. Gaming platforms have increased as technology progresses; from consoles plug to TV screens, PCs, and now in numerous handheld devices. More platforms would mean a gamer has more choices, and even more time to play in front of a screen. This might be lots of fun for a gamer, but this could also be bad news. Computer and other gaming devices’ screens give off blue-violet light which contributes to faster deterioration of your ocular cells. This could damage your vision in the long run. However, that could be prevented with the use of gaming glasses.

There are many different gaming glasses on the market, so to make it easier for you to choose, we trimmed it down the best gaming glasses to just 3:

  • Gunnar Optiks INT-00101 Intercept Gaming Glasses
    • Gunnar Optiks is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to producing the best gaming glasses. They have different models, but INT-00101 is their top-selling product today. It does not only protect your eyes from the computer’s glare, but it also enhances your vision while gaming. These glasses help sharpen the graphic’s details to minimize eye strain when you’re squinting and trying to focus on the screen. It also prevents your eye from drying and, also, from further irritation by limiting air passage near your eyes and humidifies it instead. Its amber-tint lenses reduces glare from the screen. The glare can cause distortion of the graphic on screen, which forces you to squint harder to see the objects clearer. Plus, the onyx frame gives a sophisticated look without sacrificing the comfort of the eye wear.
  • Call of Duty Black Ops II Gaming Eyewear
    • If you’re into playing shooting games, especially on Xbox 360, the Call of Duty Black Ops II Gaming Eyewear is the best option for you. The coating on the lens blocks glare from the screen, thus reducing any reflections from the screen (based on your vision) and also enhances the view on the screen. It is made of great quality which boosts the graphics’ details and clarity. One of the best things about these Black Ops eye wear is that it is durable and flexible, giving the best comfort to the gamer. The price of these glasses is also relatively cheaper than the Gunnar Optiks. So if your budget is a bit low (and not enough to afford some Gunnars), opt for this gaming eyewear instead.
  • Gamma Ray Flexlite GR OG-003-C1 Computer Reading Glasses
    • The model of the glasses might say it is for “reading” but don’t count Gamma Ray Flexlite just yet. This eye wear has UV protection and it also prevents your eyes from blue rays, glare, and is totally scratch resistant. It prevents your eyes from stress and fatigue from the monitor. Just come to think of it: the materials or items you read on the computer or your gadget are smaller and has more details and even tinier than your game’s graphics. If it can reduce strain in the tiniest details, how more with bigger ones? That’s what makes these glasses perfect for gaming, too!
      You might not be feeling the effect of the glare in your vision, but it’s better to prevent that from happening rather than weight for your vision to deteriorate. Aside from having the best gadgets and consoles, one should also have the best gaming glasses at hand. The longer your vision stays sharp and protected, the more you can enjoy gaming at its best!

written by: cgozon

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