The best gaming Television sets

A good console requires a proper television set, this is a known fact. There are several factors that one must consider when buying such a TV such as:

  1. Refresh rate: The higher the refresh rate of the television the less the motion blur and smoother picture quality.
  2. Input lag: This the time taken by a TV to display images after input goes into it. The lower the lag the better the gaming ability of the TV as there will be minimal lag between input into the console and output on the TV.
  3. Display type: There are different types of display that can be found in TVs with the best being Plasma display followed by LED, OLED and LCD displays

The best recommended gaming Televisions include:

Sony KDL60W850B 60-Inch 1080p 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV

This television set has amazing 3D feature combined with clear picture quality and clear surround sound .Its X- reality Pro processing engine gives amazing clarity and detail while a better sound clarity can be obtained with an optional sub woofer (SWF-BR100).It has a low input lag of less than 25ms making it efficient in playing high performance gaming consoles and is particularly excellent with the PlayStation 4. It also provides several input ports composed of: 1MHL, 4HDMI and 3USB ports. It also comes with other features that might prove useful such as the in-built Wi-Fi and also the Sony Entertainment Network software. All these factors combined create the ideal TV for one of the best gaming experiences a person can have with a console.

VIZIO P552ui-B2 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED HDTV

This television set has a unique gaming mode with a low input lag rating of about 18ms. This makes it an ideal gaming TV in that it provides 960 Clear Action Rate which improves the resolution providing a 120Hz panel for better picture quality and clarity. It has an Ultra High Definition display (4K resolution) of 2160p that produces clear and smooth and pictures videos. It provides optimum gaming performance via the final (fifth) HDMI which is able to input native 1080p at 120Hz from a PC. This produces excellent gaming conditions thus making one of the best gaming TVs for PCs along with other game consoles. It is also reasonably priced compared to other devices of similar features, retailing at about $1,000.

Samsung UN50H6400 50-inch 1080p 120Hz SMART LED TV

The key feature of this TV that might capture a gamers attention is its game mode. When put into this mode it reduces input lag from 120ms to 30ms this improves game graphics drastically leading to a better gaming experience. It also has an impressive front and center picture quality with a 10pt white balance that creates well calibrated pictures and videos. This white balance also leads natural color reproduction and not over-saturated ones. This set also comes with The Samsung Smart hub which offers recreation features such as: Skype, storage for files, search engines and even an integrated browser. It comes with a Quadrapod stand that allows for 25 degrees of twist in either direction, this allows for easy adjustment of the TV set.

written by: Duncan

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